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Founder, John S. Iorio, established our Greensboro, North Carolina personal injury law firm over 35 years ago to help clients suffering the pain of injury and the grief following the death of a loved one. He is well-known throughout the area for compassionate advocacy towards his clients and aggressive arguments in the courtroom. Seeking a settlement is always a smart first step, but sometimes litigation is the only good way to resolve a dispute with an insurance company.

John S. Iorio

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Personal Injury

At Iorio Law, we know that accidents happen. Following a Car, Truck, Motorcycle, or Bicycle/Pedestrian accident we are here to help! We represent auto accident victims throughout North Carolina.

Workers' Comp

Having an advocate at your side to represent you and communicate the facts of your workers’ comp claim can be the difference between a successful claim and denied claim, between returning to work and losing your job. At Iorio Law we provide aggressive representation for hard-working residents throughout the state of North Carolina.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

If you are injured as a result of an unsafe condition or hazard at a retail, residential, or commercial premises or a parking lot, sidewalk or other pedestrian area, we can help.

Traumatic Brain Injury

At Iorio Law, we know the damage that can be done by a traumatic brain injury. Moods change. Memories are impaired. Blindness can result. A victim may be unable to work and confined to their home. They may not even recognize close friends and family members. We will strive to maximize compensation and hold the negligent party accountable.

Wrongful Death

While you seek closure, speaking to the insurance company is not the way to achieve that objective. You have rights. You need an advocate that will look out for your best interests when the insurance company will not.

Why Clients Choose Us

Our dedication to our clients speaks for itself. We are a full service firm that takes care of the client’s claim as well as the relationship. We strive for authenticity and transparency in our client relations. We believe that our modern, open and informal space provides the atmosphere for this contemporary approach to lawyering and counseling. No attorney is doing you any favors by glossing over or ignoring the more challenging aspects of your car or motorcycle accident claim. Each case is unique and we are well prepared to represent you regardless of the complexity of your case. From work-related accidents to wrongful death, John S. Iorio has the experience to represent you.

For 35 years we have been helping those who are injured or sick. We know how to provide full service care in handling your claim. There is no charge for an initial consultation. And we provide an open and relaxed atmosphere that will immediately put you at ease. That never changes. We care for you as a person, not just as a case. Even our representation goes beyond what most lawyers do. You pay no fee unless we obtain a settlement or verdict. And we handle all aspects of your claim, including property damage to your car and med-pay, for no additional fee.

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