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Trucking Accidents

Maximizing Your Financial Recovery

The regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry are often ignored. Pressure to make deadlines coupled with long hours on the road can lead to shortcuts. Shortcuts can lead to a lack of breaks and rest. A lack of breaks and rest can lead to a serious truck accident, injuring you or causing the death of a loved one.

At Iorio Law in Greensboro, North Carolina, we will remain at your side from the initial consultation to the final disposition of your truck accident claim.

A truck will always win when it strikes a much smaller car. Catastrophic, life-changing injuries often result, requiring you to retain a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in truck accident litigation. Contact us at 336-275-8234.

Straight Talk, Not Empty Promises

While most personal injury attorneys will promise you the world if you retain their services, we take a more down-to-earth, fact-based approach to our practice of truck accident litigation. Straight talk in a comfortable and welcoming environment is what you need during such a difficult time in your life. You have been injured due to an inattentive or impaired truck driver. You are seeking justice and we are here to help you.

Using Experts to Achieve the Best Resolution

At Iorio Law, we bring extensive experience in building successful truck accident claims. We know the industry experts that can help build a claim. They visit the accident site. They review data from the truck's black box and log books. We find out where the truck driver and their employer fell short in adhering to federal regulations.

Whether the tractor-trailer accident was caused by a lack of sleep, an improperly secured load, or an inability to take breaks because of a demanding employer, we will strive for the best resolution.

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Don't talk to an insurance adjuster or appraiser on your own. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding an 18-wheeler crash that injured you, please contact us.