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Motorcycle Accidents

Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

A leisurely ride on your motorcycle can turn into instant tragedy when a car or truck strikes you. Claims of not seeing you fall on deaf ears when you are wracked with pain. At Iorio Law in Greensboro, North Carolina, we provide the diligence and dedication you need during such uncertain times.

Given the devastating level of injury that accompanies most motorcycle accidents the best decision you can make is to secure aggressive, experienced legal representation. Contact attorney John S. Iorio, 336-275-8234.

When Negligence Changes Your Life in a Motorcycle Accident

The security of a steel enclosure is not a luxury enjoyed by motorcyclists. When car meets bike, the operator and passenger of the motorcycle will suffer serious injuries that range from road rash to head injuries to death. A truck collision can cause even more catastrophic damage. Simply not seeing the motorcycle is no excuse. It is the very definition of negligence on the roadways.

At Iorio Law, we see clients who are not at their best in making key decisions regarding their future. A negligent driver has caused them to be severely injured, putting a career and an active recreational life at risk. Even the enjoyment of motorcycle riding may be over.

Full Service Advocacy for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Expect straight talk when you come to our office. We will discuss your motorcycle accident claim, identify your needs and objectives, and plan a strategy for the best outcome. We will speak to insurance adjusters and appraisers on your behalf. Our full-service advocacy also means that we will handle property damage as part of our contingency fee.

You get better. We'll get to work.

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